Open Water Divers +  

Pigados Cliff

Minimum certification level:
Experienced or Advanced Open Water level

Maximum depth:
20-30 meters

Average visibility:
40 meters

Group size:
maximum of 4 divers.

Only accessible by boat. Anchoring at 12 meters.

Pigados is the Greek word for a well and this dive takes you into a huge hole, which starts at 23 meters and hits the sea floor at 76 meters. The dive starts with a specific briefing and body check before we enter the sea. The whole group dives along rocks until we reach the hole and then step into it. The feeling you will get will be like standing on a very tall bridge for a bungee jump, peering into the deep blue. To stay safe we dive down no further than 30 meters, exploring the many nooks and crannies with their interesting Mediterranean inhabitants. Large swarms of Sheepshead bream and groupers are a common siting. 

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