Open Water Divers +  

Ammoudi shore to reef

Minimum certification level:
Discover Scuba Diver (DSD)

Maximum depth:
18 meters

Average visibility:
25+ meters

Group size:
Maximum of 8 divers.

Accessible by car and boat. Anchoring at 5 meters.

This diving destination is one for all the family. Beach lovers amongst them can enjoy the glorious sand and sea whilst those who want to explore beneath the sea can try out our DSD level dive. Dive training can also be done in the confined water for beginners. Experienced divers can take a short surface swim to get closer to the reef, waiting to be explored. One highlight not to be missed is the dive through the natural chimney, where often the sea’s current will move you through the rock formations, and the camouflaged octopus is worth looking out for. 

Photos & Video

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