Open Water Divers +  

Mavromalli wall

Minimum certification level:
experienced open water level

Maximum depth:
28 meters

Average visibility:
30+ meters

Group size:
Maximum of 6 divers.

Only accessible by boat. Anchoring at 20 meters.

For unusual diving sensations this dive is hard to beat. It offers deep water to dive in but is more interesting for the shallow waters where at many points sweet water springs emerge from the wall. This water has travelled all the way from Crete’s white mountains, flowing into the Libyan sea. Here it combines with the salty seawater to create an exotic mixture and a halocline effect. Enjoy the sensation of cold sweet water and salt water with their warm and cold streams. Next to the high-pressure sources you can often find naked snails [will people know what these are??] with no shells [is this right?]. The PH of the water caused by this unusual water combination, attracts many parrotfish, which clean the rocks. Known for their stunning large eyes, these fish are popular with underwater photographers keen to capture their strange beauty.

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